Writers' Guidelines

NOTE: We are currently closed to unsolicited submissions. Please check back with us soon.

Turning Page seeks feature articles, opinion pieces, interviews, creative non-fiction, product and book reviews, and more dealing with all aspects of writing, publishing, book culture, and creative media. While books and written stories are a focus, we would love to see work examining other storytelling mediums such as film adaptations, video games, comics and graphic novels, and so on, as well as looking at new ways stories are being written as in interactive fiction, ARGs, and books like S and Tree of Codes.

 We are not looking for a specific tone or perspective in our feature articles but a unique perspective delivered in engaging, lively prose. For all feature articles, including proposed interviews or reviews, please query the editors first with your proposal in the body of an email (no attachments) at TurningPageEds[at]gmail.com. In the subject line please let us know what category your submission falls under (Books | Media | Book Culture | Publishing | Writing Life | Interview | Review) as well as the title of your piece, as in:

   SUBMISSION: BOOK CULTURE: "Hardback Books: Not Just for Doorstops Anymore"

Length requirements for feature articles run from 750-1500 words, but if you feel you need more space to convey a great idea, we're willing to work with that.

FICTION: We are currently closed to unsolicited fiction submissions. Please check back with us soon.